God Forbid

Did you hear me calling you from far away?
Did you hear me screaming in my loneliness?
I wasn't there for you today (When you needed me)
The knife is sinking deeper
I should have spent time more wisely.
Now that we've been ripped apart
I'd do anything_ To make it up to you
I'd do anything_ To prove how much I love you
The world is constantly fighting me
Is there something wrong with trying?
Trying so hard to be free
Wanting_ Needing_ Yearning to fly
So here's to you_ My angel
As I raise my arms high
Falling in torment
Spread your wings wide
Catch me before I break
With your beautiful soul_ Guide me
Kiss away my mistakes
Kiss away my sins
Kiss away the past that haunts me
The life I no longer want to live
Will you save me?
Will you show me_ the light?
'Cause if you do
I'll be here waiting
For you to save me
Once again_ Tonight.

by Jessica Copeland

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