God Gives Me Strength To Conquer All

Beginning in July, this growing
feeling of fatigue, something
to do with climate change and
dust accumulating everywhere;
I cannot breathe - cannot think
or freely move; seasonal distress
a yearly visitation reducing me
to listlessness – I fight back
by trying harder and eating
incessantly; madly running here
and there; whistling or singing
every tune that pops up in
my head; until the seasons win
and I become a nervous wreck;
trying to hide a deep fatigue
that leaves me weak; but determined
to compete – I will serve on the
Translation Committee even if I
have to live on Bioplus a bottle
a day and go to bed at nine, I
won’t give in without a fight –
even if all my work is late and
I’m in trouble everywhere; I’ll
fight this natural phenomenon
with all my might and work up
enough adrenaline to clear every
obstacle – just like King David
in the Bible did – God gives me
strength to conquer all!

by Margaret Alice

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