God Gives What You Give

If you give just a little
of yourself from time to time,
You're bound to see the benefits
of being true and kind.

God finds ways to thank us
that we may never see..
like driving in a winter storm
and getting home safely.

So many of the little things
go unnoticed everyday.
I make a point to thank the lord
for the luck that comes my way.

Sometimes I fail to notice
how he helps me when I'm down.
Like how my children make me smile
without making a sound.

If you can take the time to ask
'How are you doing today? '
to someone that is feeling low,
I'm sure you'll be repaid.

by Mary Nagy

Comments (3)

Hail! Poet! The joy in giving, The real joy of receiving, The more I give, The more I receive. The worth of Giving and getting is well reflected by the Poet. The Great and real joy is in the processing of Giving. Where Divine will receive and reward Us with Bliss. God Bless you.
If evryone had known that God does a lot for us, and thanked him everyday, the world surely would have been a better place. beautiful one. Arsiema
If everyone in the western World could write a poem about our lord. Maybe there would not be so much trouble. a lovely poem mary.