God Gong Your Voice

God show me your face
I want to draw it
Show me the colour of your hairs
I want to know it

Show me the size of your eyes
I want to see it
Touch it
And feel ease

God, is your nose like mine?
Does your mouth blink with songs?
Does it drink and dine?
Tell me, for my heart longs

It longs to get a fill
What space does your ear occupy?
For you, should I tarry on this hill?
Appear God, my ink yearns to cry

Do you have my beards?
What nature does it possess?
Is it long and gay?
Does it shine like day?

God gong your voice
I want to know its cheer
I want it to make me cheer
Pull it for those before the cross

Show me your hands
Do they rage like cane?
Do they age as age?
Can they embrace me as yours?

God I taste to know your heart
I want to sleep in its grace
For that life you set a race
See me through to that height


by Ekwueme Kelechi

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