God Grants Us Hope To Help Us Cope!

What use is life if hope's dismissed? It's like a girl who's never kissed,
Nor once held hands with sweethearts close... nor even stopped to smell a rose...
Nor gazed at rainbows in the sky... nor smiled at stars and asked God, 'WHY? '
Nor learnt the alphabet and more... nor learnt each number and each score...
Nor worn a silver dress one night... nor worn a golden crown so bright,
Nor shouted words like, 'I LOVE YOU! ' nor whispered vows that say, 'I DO...'
Nor ever sought to try her best... nor held a baby to her breast,
Nor tucked her children in their beds... nor patted them upon their heads...
Nor ever prayed someone gets healed... nor to the Lord her love revealed,
Nor worshipped Him with songs of praise... nor wisely spent her final days...

But if hope beckons as a friend... declaring that you must depend,
What hinders you? Why stay aloof? God's Word proclaims itself as proof...
So seek the Lord while life exists... and harken to evangelists,
For who knows better God's Good News... His prophecies and points of views?
His promises that hope can seize... are spirit blessings bringing peace
And so, therefore, be bold and brave... like Jesus Christ, still strong to save...
He waits in Heaven to discern... the saints who hope for His return...
No greater teacher could we see... than Christ who conquered Calvary!

Denis Martindale May 2018.


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by Denis Martindale

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