God Handles The Details

The handling of life's situations, are generally considered, to be an ability of the conscious mind, our plans can never be conceived in such a small space as our finite mind.Only God has the authority to establish circumspectly a purpose. to function perfectly within the entire dynamics of plan, For God alone can provide those few who are chosen with the anointing of procedure, to provoke a hunger for his divine guidance, a softened heart, to receive God's perfect signals, A thirst for the truth, the understanding of his word, To feed the many who are called, Gifts are given without repentance, as we move through this prophetic hour of grace, God has a detailed plan for your gifts, the time is now, to be yielded to the very will of the Lord, That is what time it is, in fact, as you voluntarily read this missive, God has taken care of your breathing, exchanging oxygen for carbon dioxide, these intricate involuntary functions, are detailed without your own logic, or permission, long before even your mother was born! God's very plan based on like producing like, on oneness, connectivity, unity interdependence and on purpose, we must plant the seeds of the gospel, Hydrate others with God's true baptism. By allowing God to handle the details, Only God can give the increase, For God has not given our lives up to random chance, The debt is already paid in full, yet he still has given us the choice, to choose it or not;

by karen Schley

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a very good poem, We should look to God for everything, He is in control, and if we have a gift, we should use it, God knows all. and you pretty well said it all, good writting, keep them coming.
karen i must say i really liked it...i, myself was thinking about writing a poem on god and ur poem jus inspired me more thank you.. good work..