Words Of Expression

Aspire to be more than you are today
Strive for betterment in every way

Yearn for grandness in all aspects of life
Rise above apparent obstacles and strife

Seek the truth in all that you do
Commit to resolution and see it through

Breathe inspiration into every endeavor
Succumb no negative forces whatsoever

Inspire ambition at every level
Delight in the merriments of revel

Expect to be great and hold fast the dream
Remember all things are not what they seem

Listen to all that others might say
Prefer not to act in a pretentious way

Don’t undermine all that you know
Take the challenges that help you grow

Choose the good and defy the bad
Enjoy the happy and accept the sad

Love yourself more than that you acquire
Know yourself and what you desire

by Kimberly Hilliker

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I wish I could get this attitude through my thick skull Lawrence. Brilliant write all around! !