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God Has Such Amazing Faith
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God Has Such Amazing Faith

We talk about believing in God
Believing in lies believing in truth,
Being a living sacrifice, putting our full trust in something that we
Cannot even see
But man, God is the one who really has strong faith
How does such a being, full of power, trust us?

He had a legacy, He sent His only son to the world
That Son was His hope, His pride, His joy, the world's very Savior
And yet that same Son was crucified
And then He died
But through power He rose again
And gave that power, that exceeding gain
To us.
We have that Spirit
But God entrusted his legacy to mortal man
There is no evidence of the resurrection
That evidence is Jesus Himself who is seated on the throne
The Only evidence we have is the Holy Spirit
God's faith in us amazes me
That He'd trust a fallen people, not only with such power
But the legacy of His Son, His legacy.
That He'd entrust us to spread His gospel.
I can scarce believe that God had such faith
To leave the only evidence of Jesus and His resurrection
In the hearts of men

Thank you God for your faith and trust
It's hard for us to put our faith in You, You who is powerful
You who is merciful, You who is loving.
But in all your great mercy and love
You put your faith in us
To spread that gospel
To use that power
To continue the legacy
To listen to the Spirit
To make disciples
To live
Because before You
Before Your sacrifice
Before the new heart
Before the redemption
Before the forgiveness
Before the healing
We were all dead

So thank You God
Thank You for having faith in me, even when I doubt you
Thank You for having faith in us, when we're a skeptical people
So thank You for the cross
We'll continue that legacy
Your Spirit, God, You, will be the living and strong evidence
That you are powerful, that Jesus rose from the dead
Lord God
We'll carry this Spirit to the ends of the earth
Because YOUR love, YOUR grace, and God YOUR FAITH
They give us strength

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Langston Hughes


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