God Help Me!

God help me lern from my misstakes,
I no Ive mate a few.
Yet my heart fur perfectshun aches,
Id like ter be like You...
So this is like my little prayer -
Take me under Your wings!
Teech me ter be beyond compare...
You no so menny things!

When I woz young I trite my best,
But I woz jussed a kid...
I hoped that folks wood be imprest,
I reely, reely did...
Exams were hard, I coodent swat,
Too menny books ter reed!
Thats why I dident pass a lot...
Cos faxs I coodent heed.

But You cood help me as a friend,
The sort ter sort me out,
The kind whose kind so at the end
Thered be no kind of doubt...
Then folks wood treet me ass they shood,
They woodent laugh at me...
I no my English aint that good,
Im not quiet error free...

Ive heard that You like helping folks!
I challunge You today!
Pleas make me smart and end the jokes
And pranks that peeple play...
They giggle, smerk and tornt me, Lord!
Thats not how we shood live!
Yet if Your blessings are outpord,
Their giggles Ill furgive...

Denis Martindale, copyright, September 2011.

by Denis Martindale

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