Tell Me Something

Tell me something that I don't already know,
Like why did you leave, and why'd you have to go?
Stay here and talk to me a while,
You know that I can't stand the pain, give me a reason to smile.
Tell me why you come to use me, then go and leave again,
Does my life have no meaning, should it be used like a pen?
Look me in the eye, and confess what I can't see,
Like when you get all lonely, why do you come to me?
I can't live like this any longer, I can't stay as your consoler,
My life has more value than that, for I'm my lifes own holder.
So here I am, standing here, right in front of you,
I come to bid my byes and here is something true;
Do you really need me? 'Cause I sure don't need you.

by Aly D'Sa

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