God, I See You Everywhere!

On seeing the feminine
half-moon who balances the clouds,
on her angelic wings,
i feel the wind blow,
musical notes in through,
the flute of my mind.
on seeing the clouds,
wearing multi-coloured bangles,
i can feel all my
desires satisfied at the dropp of a hat.
on seeing the parachutes,
that float into the
watery blue, i feel myself
lifeted into the vague breath,
of the sands of time.
on hearing the clang
of silverspoons into the glasses,
i sense the vibrations
that i never sensed before.
on seeing the cherry,
sleeping peacefully on
the soft cushion of the whipped
vanilla cream, my body
carries itself gently into a peaceful slumber.
on seeing the raindrop,
that goes in search of,
the most friendly, smooth leaf,
i feel my feet carry me,
to an ethereal pilgrimage,
of your worship because,
God, i see you everywhere!

by nithya raghavan

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