God If Ur Here Help Me

wat do i do
i feel as though i am nothing
i dont want to feel anymore
i want to cut
to bleed out everything
god if u here please help
i cant do it
i cant go on
i cant handle all this pain
if ur real please do something
i dont want to do this anymore
i cant so god if ur here i need u
i want to not feel the pain any more
i want to cut
i cant do this anymore
i feel hopeless
like noone cares
i have noone
so god if u r god
then help cuz i need
to feel like i worth someting
and to not feel this pain anymore

by Carrie Salazar

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Carrie, God wants u 2 look inside yourself 2 find your inner stength.I'm sure u'll find it soon.Nice write. Peace, Alan