(14-2-1957 / Tamilnadu, India)

God Is...

Almighty One who made the universe
And everything that’s known, unknown, unseen
The mind of wisdom infinite, boundless
The heart of profuse love that radiates
The Being who controls both time and death
The Omnipotent pow’r that’s eternal
The fountain of intelligence and ken
The quintessence of destiny of all
The One who lives in light that none shall see
The Holy One who dwells in abode – heav’n
The mystic One who works are miracles
The One to whom all things are possible
The fairest Judge who cannot err at all
The Holy Spirit who forgives sinners
The loving Father who calls us children
The Soul whose words breathed life to Adam, Eve
The Master of creation and world’s end
The only One who knows eternity

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