Epitome Of Normal

Tell me, if I'm too different for you. If my words pierce your ears and my eyes look too deep into you skin. Tell me, if my heart beats too fast and if my soul sings a different tune. But I will not change for you. I will not make myself the definition of 'everyone else' because I shine to bright for your dim bulb. I am looked at as the 'weird' one because people can't see through my eyes. I see bigger, better, wider, than your narrow space. You think you know me because you've heard my song but you haven't seen the deeper meaning. I will not change for your hideous hearts neither you cold souls. The ones that tell me I mean nothing, that what I am is wrong. You dare tell me to change myself. To change my unique ways to the epitome of you, a number in the crowd of the world. I am still human. I am the upper hand. The one that will be someone, someday. And you will still be that number. They will know my name. And we'll just call you John Doe.

by Maya Coleman

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God is a consuming fire. This statement you can find in the Vedas too. Such a person is free to act, freely, simply, spontaneously, from the depths of the heart, moved by intense desire of love. God is a consuming fire. The desire to love god intensely is the ultimate Bhakti. Tony, fabulous poem.
Wow, Tony! I. See more new postings and look forward to reading them. On this one, interesting the images, the way, God—the God who is love—is described. Here as consuming fire, then madness, wine that makes one divinely drunk... May we live constantly in love’s transformation. -Glen