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God Is A Prankster (Fun Poem)

God is a prankster
This I believe
He made many things
that one can't conceive

He made birds with no feathers
that must walk the ground
And fish that can fly
but don't make a sound

There's bugs that wear
their bones outside
and fin-less jellyfish
that sting for it's pride

And why did he invent
a head eating Mantis?
Only the male is praying
his head she will miss

But the biggest practical joke
that God calls
Is the duckbilled platypus
egg-laying mammal oddball

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Comments (4)

I think God has a sense of humor as well, good job JoJo--Melvina--
Perhaps she just has a quirky sense of humour? Seriously though, this is great fun- particularly the mantis stanza. As for the platypus - well being an Aussie, they're commonplace to me and quite adorable. love, Allie xxxx
JoJo, just loved this piece so much that I made it one of my favorites. Brilliant look at natures oddities. Great poem. Top Marks from me. Thanks for sharing it. Dodgy Dave
god funny? no. He is many things but he is a not stand up comedian. It is okay, I just didn't get the fish part...