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God Is All There Is
CC (05-28-62 / Dearborn Michigan)

God Is All There Is

God is all there is.
He is mine and I am His.
I belong to Him.
My life is not my own.
He loves me and I have given Him my heart.

So what happens to me today,
What I may gain or lose,
Is unimportant because I am not of this world.
I am a spiritual being,
Who has given myself to that which is eternal.

My life is not my own,
Means that today I will simply dwell in His presence,
And all that goes on around me,
Is of little consequence.

Whatever I do today my body is doing,
For it is somehow in relationship with all that is around me.
But I….. I will just be being for that is what,
My spirit was created for.

To be in the presence of God eternally, now.

So heaven is this moment,
Just sitting here with You.
Just marinating in the peace and joy,
And love and life that You alone exude.

Truth to me is not some revelation.
Truth is not a formula for my salvation.
Truth to me is like a man with a woman.
She experiences his love as he holds her in his arms,
But she cannot share that love with any other.
She only knows the truth by experience.
The kisses, the sighs, the warmth of her lover.
She cannot share this with some one else.
She can only experience herself,
And know that there is truth.
So she lives and breathes and hopes and loves with in it.
She can tell you how she felt and what he’s like and how he loved her.
But she cannot share with you the pleasure she discovered.

And so it is right now with me,
Sitting in God’s presence.
I know the truth is here, in and around me.
I feel His love, His joy, His peace,
Envelope and surround me.
But I cannot share this with you.
I can only tell you that truth exists.
I am with Him today,
And He is all there is.

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