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God Is Going To Come Through Somehow

God says to be patient,
But you want it now,
I see others with it,
Wait? Tell me how?

The bible claims you’ll get it,
And you still have not received,
How much longer will this take?
You thought you only had to believe.

Yes, that is true it will come,
But when who can say,
For each one God's plan is different,
Like fingerprints and DNA.

Nobody knows the answer,
You’d want to know if it was near,
Days, weeks, a few months,
Not if it was several years.

Life is already tough enough,
With all the selfishness on earth,
Still it has not yet arrived,
Are you seeking God first?

No matter what it is you need,
The Lord will certainly provide,
What He doesn’t tell you?
How long will be the ride.

Your health, finance, true love,
What or where ever it may be,
One, a combination of two,
Even if it is all three.

If you keep on asking,
Exactly what does this do?
It means you’re not trusting God,
To perform what He promised to.

I know the odds are looking very slim,
Keep your thoughts focused on Him,
You’re not alone in that spot right now,
God Is Going To Come Through Somehow.

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