CB (1946 / Tennessee)

God Is Greater

God is Greater
than our losses,
our needs, our sorrows.
In his grace
there is sufficiency
for all our tomorrows.
Through tender mercies
we are blessed
in more ways than we know;
in deeper ways
that seldom even show.

For God lives in moments
most ordinary;
his presence revealed
in ways most extraordinary.
In every shattered dream,
a glimmer of hope;
thru each of life’s challenges
enlightenment for the soul.
For every tear shed
from a broken heart,
joy is also waiting
in each new start.

God is stronger than our fears,
our weaknesses or doubts,
greater than our afflictions,
our burdens, our faults.
We may never full understand
what our lives are all about;
but we know that God is with us,
helping us work it all out.
A loving assurance is given
in each moment of the day;
God is right here with us
in His own special way.

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Beautiful Poem, I give you a vote of 10
It needs 1000X1000X10... but 10 is all they will let me give.