MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

God Is Not To Blame

This world’s in such an evil state
As anyone can see
Yet some blame God some others fate
Or is it you and me

Most live to do just as we please
With only self in mind
Hardly a thought of bending knees
While Satan keeps them blind

It’s not God’s plan to bring us down
To see His children cry
To rob them of their promised crown
Nor make them sick and die

For Jesus comes to raise man up
To lift us from the dust
But we instead drink Satan’s cup
Till full of selfish lust

Just what on earth has Christ to do
When Heaven’s Spirit’s grieved
But let our wars disasters too
Show God is not deceived

Though those now humble at His feet
Who live to Christ each day
Will live and grow as golden wheat
And learn to walk His way

The Lord is not to blame dear friends
What happens here on earth
It’s up to us to make amends
Through He who’ll lead from birth

We must be free of filth today
Receive the Living Dew
Ask Christ as Lord, to come and stay
And start life’s walk anew

by Michael P. Johnson

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