Ninja Shuriken

Now the time
is come. For us
ninja to fight.
Just because the Samurai
are strong, doesn't mean we're not

Stronger. Ninja are fast and sneaky. We
have abilities that would blow your mind.
Unless of course, you know our ways. We are
real in every way. You just got to believe
in us. You got to
know, that we're strong. Stronger than the Samurai.
Enjoy watching the fight. For the
ninja has this battle won. Samurai will be defeated.


Authors Note: I know the grammar part for the now the time is come is wrong. Cuz is should be are and I'd prefer it that way but This is an acrostic poem and I couldn't think up a sentence for I to go along with the story, so I used wrong grammar for it. Trust me, I didn't want to do that but I did. Guess it's a good thing that grammar ain't all that important when it comes to poetry. That's what my teacher said and I believe her. She did go to college and Idc what anyone else says about my grammar on here. My teacher said grammar ain't that important when it comes to poetry/poems and so I'm gonna listen to her.

If you read down, it says ninja shuriken.

by Ninja Soul

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Seems God is helpless too. Very nice expression. Liked it.