God Is Seeded In Man's Soul

Although the sky is dark at night
God can be seen in each twinkling light.
And as the birds wing through the air
They sing his melody sweet and clear,
God is in the ocean, the rain, and warm sunshine.
He's in everything that preserves mankind.
All natural marvels one sees and hears,
Is proof that God is everywhere.
He's in the wind, when the day is bright.
And yet, He's in the stillness of the night
There are those who say: "God does not exist"
Although His presence can be seen in the midst
Of the forest greenery, a mountain's wall,
And in the loveliness of a waterfall.
God is in every miraculous living thing.
He's the beauty of the winter
And He is the life of spring.
He's the current that makes a river flow.
He's the ingredient that enables man to grow.
God is the nucleus and accretion of growth.
His seed has impregnated the earth.
Thus, the seed bears fruit and the fruit gives us life.
Nevertheless, Man needs strong roots to survive.
So, when we draw our nourishment from deep below,

by Magdalene Patricia Balloy

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