God Is The Beginning And The End

God's mercy is everlasting and his
Righteousness dwells within my soul
His love and kindness has never failed me, for
He is Lord, He is God, and God is everything to me.
God is beginning and the end, without him I am nothing. God is the light that brightens my path,
The sunshine that makes me glow.
He gives me strength when I fell weak
And courage to stand up against my foes.
God gave his only begotten son so that
I might live, and be forgiven of my sins
God is the beginning and the end. God is someone I can talk to day or night,
He is a comforter to my soul, he's my everlasting light.
God is my power through him I know I will be strong
When I start to falter, he reaches out touch
My mind, my soul, and the feeling I get from his gentle
touch is far better than any pure gold.
He is the beginning and the end. God is love, without his love I would be nothing
God is peace, and he is everything that is good in my life.
He guides me through the darkness and he directs my path
He protects me from all harm and danger,
He knows my struggles, my strife. God has complete authority over my life,
and I am glad it is he, who has it.
There is none before him or after him
He is the beginning and the end.
Without him I would be nothing, thank you God,
I forever thank you, God almighty I thank you,
My everlasting friend.

by Imogene Adkins Gaffney


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