God Is The Main One

I know I am on no one's 'Favorite Things to Do' list.
It has been a long time since I've been twenty one.

I don't have money in the bank.
No home I own,
Or car to drive.
I am among many...
Who do what they can to survive.

My hair is grey,
And will hopefully turn white.
I've been married before!
Even done that twice.

But I do feel blessed,
With health I maintain.
I'm grateful to say...
'Thank God I've remain sane! '

My social life is zero.
And I'm no hero to no one.
You are in no position to assess my life.
I enjoy the peace of mind I have.
And the things I do...
I like!

I don't apologize for anything done that I did.
When I walk I do that proudly.
Caring less about those who can not forget or forgive.

Today very few have options.
They have lived for things,
Now to find them meaningless.
And I may have nothing to show you I possess.
Although you appear to have everything.
Except the presence of happiness.
And a life without happiness...
Can not fully be expressed!

You see the sky?
Without a cloud and exposing Sun?
That's the way I feel!
Dismissing anyone who believes,
I'm the one they can look down upon.
Like others receiving judgements,
By those doing that as a means to have fun!

And God is the Main One in my life,
That's got me like that!
And I'll leave 'that' with you!
You can look away if you wish.
Since you have nothing...
To keep me here,
I find benefits or attract!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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