God 'Is' The Master Planner

What lessons are learned,
When someone adored...
Suddenly from us,
Quickly passes?

And we on 'this' side...
Are too overcome inside with grief!

The shedding of a shell,
We recognize and know well...
Oozes from this 'vehicle' encased.
With a consciousness that transcends us,
To another place.

We come to accept this as a door...
That opens.
All of us living,
Will experience and explore.
Since life for us all as known...
Does not last forever.
Like a fairytale in a 'forevermore'.

Although many of us stubbornly wish,
This was God's gift to us condoned.
Hoping with a lost power...
This gift to us given,
Is not so shockingly dismissed!

With a heartbreak that descends.
And tears without end seeming to flow.
A vacancy felt within,
Soon begins that 'mourning'
We all come to know.

And that emptiness lingers...
Until 'something' inside of us,
Heals with an acknowledgement...
This is just the beginning,
And not a final end of such a mysterious 'trip'.

God 'is' The Master Planner!
And with kept faith,
We pray and trust in Him!
We do it and we must...
As witnesses to learn and grow.
Aboard this 'journey'...
An invisible God has bestowed!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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