God It Hurts So Much

Poem By Amy Louise Kerswell

I cried to god one day.
As I sat beneath the tree.
I was hoping he would answer me.
I cried lord I can not take this any more.
It hurts to much they'll get me in the end.
I waited for the answer but it didnt come.
I cried dear lord please my demons have won.
As the answer is on its way I heard someone say wait and see.

As I sat beneath the tree
I was hoping god would answer me.
He said my dear child you are protected as one of me.
But now you must flee.
Come back home with me.

As I was under the tree.
I put the final plans in to action.
Then god sent an angel to me.
And I flew back home.
God had answered me.

Comments about God It Hurts So Much

so very gud poems u make
i...love....it. this is an amazing poem. good job

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