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God Knows

GOD counts the tears that we have cried
GOD knows the times that we have lied
He knows all, that enters and leaves our mind
And he knows too, if we are evil or if we are kind.
GOD knows the words that we have said
GOD knows also where we lay our head
He knows the sins that we hold in our heart
And he even knows when our end will part.
GOD knows all that's in our soul
GOD knows all that we do know
He knows the hairs that's on our head
He knows the words we speak before they are said.
GOD knows the steps that we will take
GOD knows the plans that we will make
He knows all that's in our brain
As he is the one to end our suffering and our pain.
So this I say to all my sisters and brothers
Also to my neighbors and friends and all others
Before you tell a lie the truth is already known
So heed what you say before that seed is sewn.
Before you commit a evil please think once again
Is worrying and suffering in your soul worth that sin
So before you commit a sin that causes evils and woes
Please remember my friend; that GOD already knows.

Randy L. McClave

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