God Knows I Stay Rehearsed

I am not suppose to be the one sentimental.
And I hope it doesn't show.
God knows I stay rehearsed...
Not being too emotionally diverse.

And I pray my demeanor,
Does not leak sentimentality.
Or expresses a weakness,
Desiring to be touched!
In those still hot places.

I have aged.
And I'm told with age comes tolerance.
So I'm tolerating the fact...
I'm lacking affection.
And that is not detected,
Because I keep it in check.

Those young people with their hearts on their sleeves,
Get on my nerves!
They collect bedmates,
Like the ground receives Autumn leaves.
All year 'round.

With their music and freedom to express themselves.
If these were the 'good-old-days'...
They would see immediately my disapproval!
When I was their age...
At least I was secretive about my transgressions.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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