God Knows The Best

God knows the best.
I say, no one wins in a war,
There is no victory in a war.
And God knows the best.
It is love that can win everything.
It is love that can cleanse everything.
But God knows the best.
If something can’t be won,
By love, can’t also be won,
By war neither by anything else.
Love is above all and nothing else.
Only God knows the best.

Note: ....we all know that love is mightier than the war and perhaps than everything, yet why sometimes war becomes the only resort to accomplish to stop or cure something evil for goodness may prevail and becomes stronger and more effective than love. Why sometimes love is not enough to cure the evil or to establish something better....may be sometimes it is, but I just can accept it thinking that it is just our halfheartedness to use or establish love in that extent when no war is to be imposed. But may be I'm wrong being human, so God knows the best....

by Mirza Beg

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