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God Knows The Best
SS (26th of December 1979 / Philippines)

God Knows The Best

Poem By sweet seven

Most of us ask for a partner
And when He had given you one
Only at first we got satisfied
Then later on ask for something better!

Some people may tell
She's too mature for me
Why? Did she ask you to mature?
Did she ask you to grow faster?

He'll give someone who has something we don’t
To have it balanced perhaps,
Someone to teach us love does not come and go
For love waits and love grows.

Well, I can't blame for you that
Guess most people experience that
Even I, it did happened to me not just once
People will never be contended for what they have

But have they ever thought what I've realized
God gave us the people we need
And not the people we want
Because He knows what's best for us.


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not what i was expecting from the title. i like it. liz