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God Listens

GOD listens to every prayer
But, he doesn't answer everyone,
So does he hate us, or does he even care?
To some souls that debate will continue on.

Some say that GOD ignores us all
And that he never listens to us when we speak,
Then he blames us when we give up and fall
And that he walks away from us when we are weak.

Some say that GOD does not exist
While others even say that GOD is dead,
Usually spoken by ones with an unanswered Christmas list
Or by intellects, or by the ones who are easily misled

GOD indeed answers all prayers prayed
But, sometimes his answer must be "NO",
Should we feel hurt or even betrayed
While living a life of wanting and hate and woe.

I know that GOD listens to all of us
He gave me strength when I was falling downhill,
When he has problems do we worry and discuss
GOD has given me strength, by giving me free will.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

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