God Loves Diversity

Our FATHER loves divers-i-ty
That explains the face of you and me
The mind of God we can't explain
Dare we question Him, or e'er complain?
He is the maker of us all
And-if upon Christ's name we call
Christ will bring us back from Adam's fall
To God the FATHER of us all Why fuss if skin is black or white?
Both are beautiful in God's sign!
What others did in years before
Let's put away forevermore!
Mar not the future with the past
Promote the things we want to last:
Our love for God and family
And peace of mind, so all can see-
That of one blood we all partake
Blood shed on Calvary for all men's sake
Past sins of men must be forgiven
If faces shine with God in Heaven!

by Ada Deaton-Amburgey

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