God Loves To Love

Are wars on earth? Do battles rage?
Does fear flood one’s soul?
Does wisdom govern the world wide stage?
Seeking their selfish goal

Does thunder liken Heaven’s voice?
Is lightning in God’s hand?
Is grace and love The Father’s choice
Is life as Jesus planned?

The devil prowls to thwart God’s plan
To keep souls lost and blind
To hide the truth from fallen man
Salvation’s Way to find

But love’s ordained to always win
To selfless rule and reign
Reveal life’s Path to man in sin
Eternal life to gain

Still countless walk the path of fools
Away from grace above
Disobeying life’s wise plain rules
Leading to endless love

Countless will Satan’s wares revere
Life’s one true Way deride
Selfish, they’ll quake, , tremble in fear
From God, seeking to hide

Too late! Too late! Not few will cry
Too late seeing The Light
Rebels in vain will seek to die
When Jesus’ bride takes flight

Earth will shudder at Heaven’s applause
When Jesus wields His sword
While God opens life’s pearly doors
For those with Christ as Lord…..

by Michael P. Johnson

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