God Loves Us

Poem By Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

God's love should not be questioned,
When He tests us,
with heart breaks and troubles,
and the solution to all our ills,
ills of body and soul,
illusion of unknown,
God loves us a lot,
when the questions are tougher.

God's love should not be debated,
When He knows everything,
that happened, happen and will happen,
but keeps all these secrets,
away from us, to live and realize,
enjoy, suffer and be confused,
and end of the day to say,
everything happens for good.
God loves us deeply,
when session is longer.

Comments about God Loves Us

ills of body and soul, illusion of unknown, God loves us a lot, ... beautiful line embedded with fact... we are unaware of his powers... i liked...10

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