God Loves You

To all my friends on my space and beyond:
I have so much to share and so much to give.
I want my words not be hid but be found.
I want to be that light for the Lord and live.

He is awesome. He is so beautiful and yet,
I can’t seem to tell Him. My heart bursts.
He has done so much since the day we met.
He gives me peace and heals all my hurts.

When you’re situation seems so hopeless
And you feel like you are sinking lower.
He wants to be your strength in brokenness.
He’ll lift you higher giving His Spirit more.

On this day remember all that He’s done.
Ask Him to forgive those times wasted,
And bring your prayers each and every one.
His love and peace and joy you’ve tasted.

God Loves You….

by Kathryn Tyler King

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