God Made You For Me

God made the moon, then he made the sun,
he made the heavens and earth, then thought he was done,
but he got lonesome, so he made a new plan,
he drew out an image, then created man,
he made Adam and thought he was through,
but then old Adam, he got lonesome too,
so God took a rib and from it made Eve,
that is the story and it I believe,
the years passed on by, and God's family grew,
when I got here, he said he made me for you,
I was so lonely, here all alone,
that I talked to the father and asked him if I could come home,
he told me to wait for a while don't you see,
then he went back to work and made you for me,
I waited forever but now I can see,
you're worth waiting for, god made you for me,
you are so perfect in every way,
your by my side forever to stay,
each night as I talk to the father above,
I give him my thanks, for making you for me love,
as we take our journey, through life, you and me,
I am so happy God made you for me.

written by Harry Bryant
6/13/02 5: 01: 07 PM?
all rights reserved

by Harry Bryant

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Awesome poetry Harry