God Mother

She loves me more than a mother does her child.
She gave life to all this wonder,
for my pleasure and amazement,
I bask in her love,
and dance to her song.
They call her father,
I call him mother.
She is the source
from which I source my sauce,
I and my mother are one,
and all who believe in me
shall suckle from her breast.
She is the alpha and omega,
the beginning and end,
the first and the last,
She is the I am that I am.
and She is the I
that I am.
I came forth from her,
and of her image and likeness
I am,
within the structure of my being
she has extended herself wholly,
yet HOLY,
SHE is,
IN your God,
and IN Goodness,
WE unite.

by Emeka chunye Okaforudeji

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