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God Must Be Black
EOE (Apirl 28 1986 / Otukpo)

God Must Be Black

God must be black! Cos I see it
Right on my unique dark skin.
I can feel it right in my pride.

God must be black! I can feel
him right in my black manly strength.
I see his beauty within black women.

God must be black! Because the source
Of beauty lies in Africa. We walk on golds,
diamonds and crude oil that is class.

God must be black! Watch us dance,
Listen when we sing. We are so endowed.

God must be black! He who we embrace he embrace.
Really God is a black man.

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God must be black! a certainty. Beautiful poetry. simple, subtle and stupendous. I love it when some blacks break free from the shackles of inferiority to appreciate their race, custom and tradition. We are fashioned to be great, that is obvious from our skin colour which could stand any irritatation, our voice melodious like the twitters of distant canaries, our drance, our resources etc. What else could we have asked for.