God Only Knows

Sitting around in chats,
With those looking back...
At those 'good ole days',
Are not scenes I welcome.
Since those days I lived,
Back then 'when'...
I remember mostly as unpleasant.

To rate those days,
I would say...
Good to the riddence of them.

Not that I didn't have 'some' good times.
I do remember some of them.

But where would I put them,
On a scale of 'good and plenty'?
Some I 'weeded' through...
With beer or a glass of wine.
At other moments,
I was losing family and friends.
And attending their funerals...
Numbed and in denial.
Home alone.

I now have my peace of mind.
And a life I can declared,
Has more happiness...
After spending most of it in despair.

Some may say,
Today I display an air of arrogance.
And that is okay!
Since God only knows,
How grateful I am...
To be breathing any air at all!
And deluded by the bliss.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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