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God, Please Say I Did Not Scare Her Away
JPC (09/12/1959 / Macon, Georgia)

God, Please Say I Did Not Scare Her Away

Poem By Jeffrey Philip Clegg


Dear God,

You know I have requested another Angel
Just one more

And You know that I tried to scare her away
That I tried my damnedest to

Before we ever spoke

I let her read my poetry on another website
I let her see the RIDICULOUS photo of me underwater
I wrote to her, before we EVER spoke on the phone, that

She was 'making fireworks go off in my Heart'

I let her know that I was studying to get a
Sleazy Law Degree

You know I tried every trick in the Book
To scare her away

Then You scared me half to Death

After we talked on the phone and
Thought we understood where to meet

There I sat, at Caribou Coffee
Without her cell phone number and

There she sat, at Starbucks
Without my cell phone number and


You know I
Hate myself sometimes

But You saved me

You gave me just enough sense
Knowing what a Dumbass
I truly am

To drive down the street and
Find Her
Moving toward her Honda SUV
Floating like an Angel


I thought she was going to tell me to
Go to Hell
For being late


Dear God,

As we drank
Caramel Coffee
At Caribou Cafe
Which we drove back to because
She does not prefer Starbucks

I thought, Dear God,
Don't let me blow this
Don't let me say something stupid
Don't let me say something that might come across as arrogant
Don't let me say something culturally offensive, because she is from the
Land of Supremely Beautiful Women:


As we discussed:

Rachmaninoff and Mussorgsky
Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky
Chekov and Tolstoy

Pediatrics and Forensic Pathology

The English Patient, written by a friend of
John Irving

Italian Supra Guitarist
Al DiMeola and his
French bandmate and his
American bandmate.

And everything else under the Sun....


Dear God,

You know I had tears streaming down my face
As I struggled with how to write this not-poem

Because as I recalled

Her jet black hair
Her green/brown eyes
Her full lips
Her perfect teeth
Her smile
The beautiful way she spoke very fluent English

I had a Dream:

She was dressed in White

Walking down the Aisle

And I wept openly

In front of the entire Church as

She approached Me

And I said, as She faced me -

You will never know

JUST how much

I love you.


Dear God,

You divinely guide me and
I can only ask that if

She is not
The Angel


Just let me
Never Forget

The hour & forty-five minutes

I sat in



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Beautiful poem! ! You made me cry at the end of it.