God Really A Worth Entity

Poem By Baktavatshalam Shanmugam

Believed creator of univership,
Relieved self by blesship,
commotion between many creatures a dictatorship,
promotion because to enhance his thoughts,
elation by human never humaneship,
dilation after difficulties not divineship,
he could be sensational because emotionship,
he, author of other-selves so writership,
how he was created so cause us derangeship,
vow to god not to do again same, so mistakeship,
sow our thoughts to reap whatship,
who ois superlative, whether god or 'ship,
shall we compete with god? whoship and whyship,
do we have god of god, an unknownship,
yes we have, who is originless, godship,
Godship and worship him is an undefineship,
so us better carry our workship,
which show us what could have been a '? ship'
'? ship' is 'i know ship'.
so god surely is worthship.
worship him through hymnship! ! !

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HEHHEHE...loved it! ! ! ! ! ! Go OM!

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