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God's Blessings Of Love And Wisdom

Where there is hatred or resentment: Let love and understanding conquer;
Where there is trouble and stress: Let faith and peace prevail;
Where there is misunderstanding: Let wisdom and compassion overcome;
Where there is sickness and pain: Let God's hands heal thee;
Where there is failure and defeat: Let perseverance and victory prevail;
Where there is poverty or misfortune: Ask God to prosper you.
Where there is love: Know that God is always there;
Therefore abideth in the love of God and He will bless thy soul forever; and in His kingdom you will always be - secure and safe from all enemies; for He is the God Shepard of us All, and with Him we cannot fall;
Time is just an infinite space that would mean nothing without God's grace; and as we rush thru each new day - take time to pray; thank Him for His faithfullness, and praise Him for his graciousness;
A home He has built us that can never be destroyed - it's filled with love and overflowing with joy - it shelters and keeps our souls on earth as in heaven above; therefore, delight in His wisdom and His love;
Omnipotent is His love - it stops all harm and danger; endless is His love which surrounds His earthly angels and His heavenly angels above; mistakes we all do make - but He will forgive and make you complete; therefore, trust in Him - your most faithful friend, and victory you'll surely win.

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