God's Character

Christians yearn to walk the pathway of life
With total confidence in the love of the Lord.
All seek more than we merit by our actions
Or ever on our own could achieve or afford.

If that sounds familiar you need this reminder
That you will never journey through life alone.
Our Heavenly Father is and always has been
With each believer as His seed of goodness is sown.

David proved his faith and complete trust in God
As he would play his harp to the words of a hymn.
When he slew Goliath with a flying stone
He realized no matter what the Lord was with him.

We are never beyond the reach of God's divine throne
Which gives us courage and forgiveness from above.
He is our life partner closer than any other
That blesses us with wisdom, trust, purpose and love.

Having trusted Christ as your Lord and Savior
You can begin to live His will by what you do.
It's the degree to which you yield to Him
That impacts the wonders He'll work through you.

When we reflect on God's character, truth and power
We spotlight His wisdom, forgiveness and heaven above.
Stop for a moment and ponder how He has blessed you
By life, purpose, trust, passion, bravery and love.

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