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God's Children
AS AHO Speaks (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

God's Children

Time a gift for another tomorrow
Gifts of children never to suffer or have undue sorrow.

Each child from yesterday and to come
For the same reasons and purpose; as our earthly sun

Eah child from today and yesterday
Man's greatest sin to deny them time or take it away.

A child of God we can never deny
Nor make the memory of its Mother to forever cry.

To intentionally deny, sacrifce or take even one
An insult to your Mother's memory you become.

A Mother offers self and her earthly time
For the gift of another; from the eternal and divine.

God creator of the universe and mankind
Continuity of children a blessed sign.

Yesterday had its time and today's to come
The creator sanctions life for every single one.

War is an evil act for evil reasons with evil intent
The killing of innocent children who are only lent.

No greater sinful act can man incur
Nor greater sorrow or impure.

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