God's Choice

Life is something never to be wasted
For you never know God's greatest plans
But accidents can happen and they often do
When our life gets taken away from us
Accidents are almost always looked upon
as only one sided
Some people have no hearts, no souls, and no compassion
But not everyone is plagued with an illness such as this
At times a blame that has no bearing is used
out of hurt and anger
Where two lives are destroyed only one side gets
The understanding from the majority of those who
blame in the wrong
Even when a life is taken because God has called
their souls to be with Him
Another life which still draws breath must live
with God's decision to use them as a logical way out
When it hits close enough to hurt so bad that it leads
to a close of emotion then the blame has no bearing
and God's choice must only be accepted.

by Lasabrea Hutchison

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