God's Chosen Angel

He was born on an April day
My grandson unexpectantly I must say.
The day I heard he was conceived was a joy,
I knew he had to be a baby boy.
The day he was born he arrived eager to live
Awaiting the love we all waiting to give.
He started singing like a baby would do,
No one knew why we didn't have a clue.
He started dancing to music we play,
Amazed that he could do it that way.
His little hands would wipe away my tears,
And wipe away the sadness I had held for years.
To have him hug me was such a treat
As he would say 'I love you' ever so sweet.
He grew into a well mannered child
To have him around wa so worth while.
Gifted with talen and eager to learn,
For three years he grew and for four he yearned.
On a day that we did not expect,
He passed away with so much regret.
I felt he was an angel here for a while,
Sent off to heaven in the grandest style.
To this day I try to understand,
Why he could live to be a man.
I guest God had a plan for this child,
To be by his side and to make him smile.

by Viola Landry Freeman

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