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God's Christmas Tree
JAP (6/16/1950 / Shreveport, Louisiana)

God's Christmas Tree

Poem By Judy Arline Puckett

The traveler told me,
That He had walked far.
And He knew,
He had not much father to go,

Than He asked me,

Did I see the Christmas tree,

With a bright star,
covered in blankets of snow,

Fighting for life,
against nature and man's war.
Needing to find peace for the soul,

Touched by a angel's tear.
Standing alone out in the cold.

Once there was a little Christmas tree,
Adorned with a heavenly star,
Covered with soft blankets of snow,
every year,
The little tree would grow.

Sometime someone would come along.
Leaving footprints in the falling snow,
When they are far from home,
Somewhere out in the cold.

They could see the star on the tree,
Covered with soft blankets of snow.
The little Christmas tree seems to glow.
Decorated By God's hand.
A gift for every man.
A soft light,
in the dark night,
Offering peace for the soul.

See God's Christmas tree,
Adorned with a heavenly star,
A reminder of love,
A star from above,
For the world to see.
God's Christmas tree.

He didn't choose the tallest.
tree in the forest.
He saw that little tree stand alone.
A place where the soul can rest,
While the traveler walks home.
Did you see?
God's Christmas tree.

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