God's Creatures

My sister has a cat called Lucy,
gosh and she is very choosey,
My friend had a dog called Ted
He would let you know when he had not been fed,
Then there were two budgies, Joey and Soey, they died,
Now they will be swinging in heaven, side by side.
Then there is Tim the circus horse,
He loves the people and the applause
Then there are the lovely goldfish,
They swim so free in their bowl, by a pretty pink dish,
The sparrows keep on chirping happily, even when the weather is cold
The pigeons walk around, looking for food in all kinds of weather so bold,
Then there is the elephant so big and strong,
And the swan with its beautiful neck so white and long.
And the beautiful zebra looks like a striped horse,
That has been painted by God
These are all creatures of God, Big and small
and short and tall,
Even you and I are all beautiful in God's eyes,
no matter what our size.

by Patricia Page

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