SM (21-01-2003 / Odisha, India)

God's Death In Men Is Inbred...

God's death in men is inbred,
With rainbow clouds emanating emotions,
With light-less nights of no discrimination,
Until life's lost with graveyard's giant shed.

With an innocent beheaded, God's death it is,
Of love not genuine, lurking words to betray,
With disguises of cowards when deemed a prey,
And with benevolent bays kissing doom-like breeze.

Dies never the Almighty, yet I believe sometimes,
When eyes catch blindness with love vanished,
With blushing lips costumed in the skin of greed,
When there be falsehood and words baffle pious hymns.

When fingers blood-bathe with callus lurking evil deeds,
Stony hearts develop with God's wane being breed.

by Saheb Mohapatra

Comments (4)

beautiful write saheb....enjoyed
death of man morally and spiritually created fuss..some is killed by the word death of body and soul
Beautiful poem, Enjoyed reading it. Voted 10.
Death a postponeless creature shall come to all as naturally as ever but incorporeal part is always immortal........ very nice poem with a touch of spirituality.......very well composed