God's Disgrace

The second flood swept clean,
Yet there was Cohn left all alone,
Till from the very clouds above,
God's voice began to moan.

'I sent this water running,
For man again has let me down,
I offered such a chance for good,
Man turned that all around.

You survived purely by chance,
I wished to destroy it all,
I have not seen such evil,
Since that very famous Fall'.

Cohn answered very humbly,
'But you made man just like you,
And you yourself are perfect,
So why create man less than true? '

God was getting angry,
'Man made this flood not me,
I gave man great freedom,
Yet war and evil's all I see'.

Cohn replied very quietly,
'But if you knew this dreadful end,
Why create man to begin with,
Then no flood you'd have to send?

Why give us such choices,
Then allow us not to choose?
It seems that from the very start,
Man was doomed to lose'.

God's face was growing paler,
'My boy, listen if you can,
If free-will did not exist,
Would there be a point to man?

I did the same with Adam,
He had choices, he was free,
I wanted man to think,
And I wanted man to see.

But it seems my faith's too great,
Man's betrayed himself once more,
And you now have that knowledge,
As when Adam ate that core'.

As God finished speaking,
Cohn's mind was wrapped in fear,
He knew now he could do nothing,
And that his end crept ever near.

by Katy Fulker

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A arvellous piece. Nicely woven words. Analytically bent. Thanx for your creation. Keep it up. Please read mine and comment. By the way what u study? Philosophy or english? - Good Luck- Pradeep