BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

God's Eternal Sovereign Plan

Friend, why do you say, why on earth am I here and where am I going?
Don't you know that there's a Sovereign God above who is all knowing?

For The Lord has set in eternity past His sovereign purpose and plan.
And He, The Creator knows the beginning and end of every single man.

Of all creation, close to His heart, He gave man a very special part,
The purpose of His heart was to give man dominion right at the start.

God said on that day; let's make man in our image in a special way.
All man had to do was simply obey, however his heart led him astray.

God made man to live forever to have fellowship in which to cherish,
But because of Satan's endeavor, man would soon unfortunately perish.

And because sin came into play, God initiated redemption that day,
And with fellowship broken that day God restored it in a special way.

And even though Adam had failed Him, God again would turn to a man,
Must people would not understand, that this was truly a sinless plan.

God sent a very special seed; it was the sinless man Christ Jesus,
He is the Saving Grace indeed, for all who in their heart believe it.

John proclaimed The Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world,
Friend, this is the same simple message that today we need to herald.

He did not come to judge the world, but that all men might be saved,
Christ is the only Righteous man for a generation lost and depraved.

by Bob Gotti

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